Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rolling Steady, I'm Gonna Make You Shiver

Currently Playing: "Lip" by Dear Cloud

It's hard nowadays to find a Korean good group that has female vocals that aren't annoyingly high-pitched. All the mainstream stuff is really bubblegum pop and cutesy. As much as I like to get cutesy once in a while (I know, right?), I need some serious music.

I stumbled upon Dear Cloud when I was watching music videos on YouTube. The lead singer has a really nice, deep, flowing voice which I don't hear much in Korean music today. I'm just about finished downloading their albums now so I'm going to listen to them later.

"Lip" off their 2nd album, Grey


So, I scheduled another road test and this time I know I will do everything correctly (hopefully...). It's on Thursday at 4PM. I hope the instructor guy won't be annoyed by the end of the day (I doubt it...).

Today's Wednesday, right? Yep. Tomorrow, I'm going into Boston with my family for whale watching. I think my aunt said something about not being able to do that because of the weather... We'll probably end up going to the aquarium and hang around the Quincy market area and maybe Chinatown.

Friday, I have to make food for my other aunt's baby shower and then I'm going over to my friend's house. I'm sleeping over and then we're going to leave early for Boston (again!) so we can get a good parking spot. Fireworks at night, then home.

A thunderstorm's a coming.


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