Friday, July 10, 2009

This Is Our Night, FLY to the Top, Baby

Currently Playing: "너 없인 행복할 수 없잖아" by Mary Story

I think the title is "I Can't Be Happy Without You." I probably translated that wrong... Oh well.

I have their album, but I haven't really listened to it... I just got Eurovision 2009 so that's been mostly on repeat these days... Haha. I really like dance/upbeat music.

I think I've been downloading too much music this summer. I went from having around 30GB of free space down to 19GB. EEK. I just checked, and I have about 15GB of music. Maybe I'll get rid of some of them by burning them on CDs. If I do that, then I need a stereo that can play CDs cause all I have is one that you plug your iPod into.


I guess I'm going to see the midnight premiere of Harry Potter Tuesday night. I'm not a gigantic fan, but I am excited. My friend Bryan said he didn't want to go cause there would be weird people dressed in capes and waving wands around. Hahaha. I should bring my camera...

I had the weirdest dream last night dealing with school. Nothing was really important, only that it was weird and felt real. Haha. I also had another one where I cursed at my uncles which was odd cause I don't hate any of them.

So, my parents are leaving for Hampton Beach tomorrow. I would've gone, but it's weird when it's with just them. On Sunday, the family's going to Boston for this ship thing. I don't care too much for that... I'm only going because my mom said that we can stop by and eat in Chinatown. Hahaha. I love dim sum.


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