Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wanna Make a Bet?

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I'm very... late. I randomly decided to check JobFinder today because I was curious as to what internships were available. I didn't bother applying earlier because I felt my experiences weren't up-to-par. I shouldn't have doubted myself. Someone I know got a great internship UTC Power and he doesn't do that well in school. I mean, I do better and even that's not impressive! hehe.

Well anyways, looks as if I'm applying somewhere. Just one place. It may be somewhat late. I'm not sure when the deadline is, but I hope I get it in on time. It would be a great place to work. Get to be in a chemistry lab doing chemical and chemical engineering things! Wish me luck...

It's finals week this week and next and it's moving somewhat quickly. Last week was basically a bull-shit week at my school and has thrown off my work schedule. I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things.

Updated my resume today. I completely forgot about adding my chem eng projects from this year! I can't believe it went past me, especially since I've done so many this year... I think I've done about 11! So I guess it was true that sophomore year for chem engs is basically projects. haha. It was rather annoying... These huge projects on top of exams and homeworks. But I can't wait to actually be in a lab and work on reports next year.

I think I have to go back to my homework and stop procrastinating.

PS: Yura got a tick on his butt!! haha And I had to take it out... :(


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