Sunday, September 27, 2009

There She Goes, Her Stomach Tied in Knots

Current Mood: Tired and cold
Currently Playing: "속았다 (Narration Of 이요원)" by 태군

My room is pretty much freezing cold. It shouldn't be because it's only September. Winter is quickly approaching and has no regard for fall. Hopefully, it won't be too cold outside for a while because I want to start running at the track. Since high school, I've been pretty much inactive and that's not really good. I don't wanna let myself go (haha, even though it's impossible for me to gain significant weight).

Anyhoo... I have to study for an exam tomorrow. And then I have a chE project due Wednesday and this project/oversea application due Thursday. Pretty much constant working until I hand in that application. Radio Monday, newspaper Tuesday, HUASAC and project Wednesday, application Thursday, and radio show Friday. I'm not sure if I'm working this weekend, although I did ask for hours. Three more weeks till classes are over.
I just saw a Kit Kat bar commercial and now I really want one.

Oh, yes, the radio show. Talking sucks. Loud music awesome.


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