Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fall Asleep In Those Eyes Like A Waterbed

Current Mood: Bored
Currently Playing: "For You I Will (Confidence)" by Teddy Geiger

There's this band called No Reply that I really like. I'm really into the whole piano rock scene and they're Korean so it's double the awesome. I still hate the fact that alternative and indie music is considered underground in Korea. Everything now is just so heavy on pop idol groups.

Anyways, I love their album. I've listened to it numerous times already. And I really like the album cover. It's so simple and the brightness and green tones make it seem very dream-like.

"World" by No Reply --- not my favorite, but still good. Listen to "시야" some time.

Umm... Classes started last Thursday. I already have a huge amount of reading to do for all of my classes and unfortunately, I am about half a day behind them. Luckily, I'm done with classes now and I only have one class tomorrow so I can get a lot of stuff done today and tomorrow. I have work Saturday from 1-10pm again. Thank god it's in a section I've worked in before. I hate going to new sections and not knowing where anything is.

I also just had my first real encounter with what would happen if you accidentally brought up Facebook stalking in real life. I will dwell on this for a long time and further feel embarassed.

Aside from that... I'm finally starting to join clubs and stuff. Should've done that last year, but... oh well. I have newspaper and radio so far. I still want to do badminton club and Aiche, except badminton is meeting at 9pm today and that's so late. I feel like going because it's the first day for this year, but because it's at 9 and I have to bring my own racket and shuttlecocks, I'll probably not go.

Ugh, reading...


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