Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sunday Morning, Got the Hazy

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I need to study for Organic Chemistry, but I thought I'd post my little "story" from my creative writing class. It has potential to be better, but I don't really care much. (PS- I had to write about the art museum, if that helps.)

That’s ugly. That’s horrendous. Why’s that even here? I really don’t understand how many of these things that people consider ‘art’ be put in this place. But then again, since when was it necessary to put things in a gigantic building and charge people, what, ten dollars to walk around and look at boards hanging on a wall? If they were looking for things like that, I would’ve given them my shitty third-grade science project on volcanoes.

People only come here to look at naked women, especially those punk kids with stupid baggy pants and backwards hats. It’s the closest thing they’ll ever get to seeing one. Just hear how they giggle and squeal at the sight of a boob. I can’t believe the fate of society lies in the hands of little wannabes.

God dammit. This place sucks. If this class wasn’t required to graduate, I sure as hell wouldn’t be caught dead here. I just need to get this over with, pass with the bare minimum, and bounce ‘cause it’s really getting on my nerves.

The professor says we need to be more ‘cultured and worldly.’ Fuck that. If I really wanted to spend time seeing this so-called ‘art,’ I would’ve looked at the drawings on the refrigerator door while on my way to fixing a nice Screwdriver and then watching trashy reality T.V. before leaving to go grind up on a stranger at some party. His place or mine? Either way, I’m passing out on someone’s bed.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Doh Doh Doh I'm A Sexy Lady

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This creative writing course makes me want to write more things, except I'm not really good at anything. Haha. I like some of my concepts, but depending on how you read it, people may not like it.

I was looking back on this short paragraph I wrote over the summer. It seemed really cool at first and to me, but when I started thinking about it from a third person's point of view, they won't like certain things I did, such as lots of short sentences or overuse of semi-colons. Most things I write are supposed to sound like thoughts and less like narrations, which may explain the short sentences and weird fragments. Oh well, people have their tastes.

I haven't edited this paragraph since I wrote it. Only small things like tenses or typos. I tried converting it into a poem so it's somewhat suitable for class, but it just looks stupid.

The more I read it, the more I start to dislike it.


I can feel his breathing upon my neck. There’s not enough space between him and I. The person to my right slowly wipes her nose with her index finger pointing at me, sniffling quietly. Someone behind me coughs; another clears his throat. There is no such thing as silence in this place. A hum is constant. The air is getting hot. My eyes are shifting from side to side, observing the people around me. I feel everyone getting uncomfortable; getting agitated. There are no windows; no sunlight; no wind. I can feel myself getting light-headed. Black walls enclose my eyes. I blink frantically to get rid of them. I feel myself hallucinating. If that man rubs up against my back again, I swear I’ll kill him. Just one swift flick of the wrist and his neck will give out underneath the pressure of my fingers. The sound of his last gasp of life will echo and reverberate in my ears, giving me the utmost satisfaction. A bell rings loudly. The elevator door opens and everyone floods out, taking in a deep breath as they leave.