Monday, July 27, 2009

You Can't Hold Me With Your Heart Alone

Currently Playing: "Surfing On A Rocket" by Air
Currently Feeling: Pretty tired and bored

There's this band called Winterplay. They're very jazzy and I like it. I think they have three albums out. I have their 2nd one Hot Summerplay and I kind of want the first one. Yesasia has Happy Snow Bubble for $15, but I don't know if I want to get it now. Maybe I'll convince my parents to get it since I'm poor (or at least since I need to save it for the school year). :D They're 2nd one came out on the 7th and their 3rd (which is the first Japanese one) came out a couple of days ago, so that's cool. And the singer's English is pretty good. A lot better than most Korean artists out there.

I would listen to their cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" also. Very nice.

"Gypsy Girl" from Hot Summerplay


I got the key for the house that I'm going to be living in next year. It's pretty exciting. I'm not exactly sure when I'll move in since my friend's dad still has things to do around the house. Probably like a week or two before school starts.

So I just pre-ordered Armistice by Mute Math. I can't wait till I actually get it. It was pretty cheap too. Only $15 with shipping and handling, so I took advantage of that. :D

I don't know what to do these days. I deactivated my facebook page because I spent too much time on there. Now, I have so much time. All I really did on there was play games... And now I'm trying to find games online outside of facebook... Haha. Maybe I'll spend the rest of my summer making paper stars.

Edit: Darn, I gave in and reactivated it. I missed the games...


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