Friday, August 14, 2009

Somebody Call 911

Current Mood: Tired
Currently Playing: "My Love Is Better" by Annie

Okay, so I got too lazy to open Photoshop and make an avatar so I'll put an insanely large gif instead. This is probably the funniest thing I have seen in a long time...

I really want to see Ponyo. I love Miyazaki's films. I'm a little annoyed though that Miley Cyrus's younger sister and the youngest Jonas brother are doing the voices for the main characters. I actually can't remember what their voices sound like, but just the fact they are them irritates me. Hahaha. Okay, just kidding... A little bit.

Glee cast is coming to the Natick mall on Monday! I really want to see them, but no one else seems to be that excited. Haha. Well actually, there are a few people who would go, but work has overcome them. Lame.

So, I have work tomorrow. 1-10. Pretty late... I also got hours for Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday next week. I need to try and get as many hours in before school starts. I feel like I'm going to be working a lot of weekends... I hope I can handle it.


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